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Welcome to Unproduced Screenplays & Scripts

Unproduced Screenplays and Movie Scripts. A showcase of unproduced short film scripts and feature movie screenplays. review unproduced scripts online, unproduced screenplays for sale.

This site is for Producers, Directors, Agents, Actors, or any other Film/TV Professional searching for new original unproduced screenplays in their next special video, movie, or tv projects, and...
Anyone who just loves reading an unproduced script.

All screenplays listed are registered and ready for your review.

Read, enjoy, request a screenplay from a title or logline that sparks your curiousity. If you like, email your opinion of the script or even of this website.

You will find new unproduced screenplays that have placed as high as the finals in popular national and international screenplay competitions that you may want for your next film project.

Get a copy of an unproduced screenplay, it's as easy as sending an email

There are a total of 27 unproduced screenplays: 22 short scripts and 5 feature screenplays.
Listed on this site you will find 8 of those screenplays, 6 shorts and 2 features.
You may request them for review by clicking onContact Me and request the unproduced screenplay of your choice.
You can read a logline and the opening scenes of a showcase screenplay by clicking on Showcase Screenplay

Any unproduced screenplay that interest you can be rewritten to your needs.

The 8 unproduced Screenplays On This Site

The Screenplay shorts range from 9-31 pages.
The Features are around 118 pages or more.
All unproduced screenplays on or from this site are formatted to industry standards.

Unproduced script genre in the list;
Science Fiction
Children's Action

Any unproduced screenplay You choose can be sent by email attachment in Final Draft or PDF format, or you may request a list of titles of the other available screenplays.

Screenplays Wrote and Registered with WGA


Lair of the Red Wolves
Black Cat Moon (Moon Shadows)
Revolt against the Millennium Empire
Sacred Children of the Wolves
Footprints from Judea


The Pixie Detective
Saber-Toothed Cat
Storm Shadows
Rat's Bite
Sleigh Ride of the Red Missile
Red Football
A Flicker of Hope
Road to Golgotha
Red Dust in the Wind
Final Verdict
Invasion Force Point 1
Spirit's Revenge
Rough Journey Back
No Deposit, No Return
Rivers of Blood
Hypocrisy and the Pool of Death
Planet England
Devil's Saints
Faith under a Basket
House Call
Revolving Door of Faith

Screenplay Contests Entered

American Gem Shorts - to Quarter-Finals
The Writer's Place - to Finals
Anything But Hollywood - to Semi-Finals
Fade-In Awards - to Quarter-Finals
The Writer's Network - to Quarter-Finals
Pace International - 2nd Round
Gloria International Film Festival - to Finals
NJ State Film Festival
Final Draft Script Contest
British Shorts Script Contest - 2nd Round
Wildsound Readers Service
And others